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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Nov 22, 2012 7:59am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Best Non-Dead Concert attended?

This is from a FB thing I did a few years ago . I think I have posted it here before, but it save me time(lazy). Note this list was for my non-Deadhead friends, so The GD is here .

1. Grateful Dead - San Bernardino Swing Auditorium 2/2677 - ok, I'm a Dead Head... this ( my 2nd Dead show ,2nd of 50 something) is the one that made me one . First time I saw them ( Shrine , 10/15/76 ) they did mostly short songs, some jamming . this one they opened with the long Terrapin Station (the first live version), and was much more improvisational . 2 shows , almost completely different and none of their "hits". I left this show intrigued .Oh yeah, old Hell's Angels, etc. quite an unusual crowd even for a Dead show .
2. Ramones - Royce Hall, UCLA (!) around the Road to Ruin Album. Imagine hearing the Ramones in their prime in a hall that actually had good sound ! Maybe the fun-nest concert for me ever . They did "Carbona Not Glue" as an encore .
3. Captain Beefheart - Golden Bear, H.B. . Saw him twice here . First time Before "Bat Chain Puller", and on the "Doc " tour . First time, for the 2nd show , we were front row, almost tucked under the stage . Great interaction with him . Being 4 ft away from CAPTAIN BEEFHEART belting out those songs ! Oh my God !
The last time, he was in a pissed of mood, but it made him sing EVEN MORE intensely ! After the show, Mark Reid, David Ewing and I went to Kona Lanes, not to bowl but just to unwind .
4. Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms , Keith Clark - Cal State Fullerton Orchestra and Chorus . Small hall on campus , great sound, and maybe not a world class performance, but a good one . No recording, could capture the beautiful sound of this performance . It is a seriously spiritual work, not pious or sentimental in anyway . I think it is Igor's greatest work .
5. Angry Samoans - Cal State Fullerton - live IN CLASS ! I had a Rock History class at Cal State, large classroom, so when it came to the Punk our Prof. has the Angry Samoans play ! X was doing a free show outside the bookstore at the same time ! I decided to stay in class , as the experience of seeing this band blasting this obnoxious music to the mostly "preppy" type crowd , sitting in lecture chairs , was not one to be missed !
On our final he asked "What part of Hitler's anatomy did they save , according to the Angry Samoans" ... ( Rhymes with rock )
6. Muddy Waters - Golden Bear , Around the "Still Hard" album . Went to this show with Willie Asher, Tony (?), I can't remember . Man was the crowd pumped . A friend of mine talked with him backstage after the show, " I love it when they're WILD!" . By the end of the show he was caught up in the whole thing . I am really happy I got to see him .He was great .
7.Residents, and Wall of Voodoo - Perkins Palace, Pasadena Halloween night . "Mark of the Mole tour". Great combo : The sarcastic, menacing weird WOV; and the "Mister Rogers" scary Residents . I was dressed pretty weird (10/31..) people kept asking me if I would sell them acid ...
8.Doc Watson, and David Grisman - Beckman Auditorium , Pasadena . A chance to see a living connection to pre-war county music . Just like the oldtimy shows, he did jokes, gospel numbers , Instrumentals , Jimmie Rogers songs ... And played to perfection . Both He and Grisman are monsters on their instruments, but "Dawg" was sweating bullets, while Doc just sat there, not a bead of sweat , blazing away .Wow.
9. Schubert Sym. 8, & Malher , Das Lied... - Giulini , LA phil . Dorothy Chandler Pavilion . The Schubert "Unfinished" can be taken many ways , but I have never hear it played this way . He gave it the sad longing of an old man, remembering his lost youth ( Health ?). The Malher was great , but the Schubert was beyond great . I was glad to have seen one of the "soul men" of classical music .
10. Sun Ra - Coach House -SJC .To see the great Sun Ra in my home town! I think Tony,& Ryan and I went . The metal roof sounded with the extra percussion of rain . This was when Sun Ra was in his "Duke Ellington from Mars" period . I think there were more people in the band than in the crowd. He was suppose to play 90min, he played 2 and a half hours . At one point after playing this way "out there" piano solo that went straight into a full blown straight ahead version or "Mac the Knife". EVERY ONE was dancing.
11. Frank Zappa - Santa Monica Civic - "We have been touring on the new Album "Them or Us", and lets face it people, the record isn't selling . So tonight we are going to do something a little different ." A much more musical show, much less condescending Frank Zappa . At one point he brought out , classical music legend , Nicolas Slomaninski . I have never seen Zappa more attentive, more sincere . It is too bad his bile didn't allow him to be like this more often . And the music was real interesting .